VoIP Terminology

* VOIP = Voice Over IP (telephony over the internet/intranet)
* POTS aka PSTN = Plain Old Telephone System (the phone system everyone is familiar with)
* PSTN aka POTS = Public Switched Telephone Network (the phone system everyone is familiar with)
* FXS = Foreign eXchange Service (the interface that connects to the PSTN)
* FXO = Foreign eXchange Office (the interface that connects to you phone)
* SIP = Session Initiation Protocol (a protocol for phone devices to communicate)
* IAX = Inter Asterix eXchange (a protocol for PBXs to communicate)
* PBX = Portable Branche eXchange (a phone system that can have extensions, voice menus, voice mail, etc)
* STUN = Simple Traversal of UDP over NAT (a protocol to send packets through a NAT firewall)
* NAT = Network Address Translation (a process used to hide multiple machines behind the firewall)

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