Asterisk Success Story

Just had to pass on what transpired today. I started a Tech Support call to Microsoft Partner Support at 9:05 this morning. The call was initially answered in Redmond by the Partner Group. It was then transferred (via IP) to India for First Level Support – this lasted for two hours, when it was kicked up to another level in tech support, and transferred (Again, via IP) to Montreal, CA. After another half hour, I had to attend a meeting, so the call was transferred (in house) to one of my Techs. He stayed on the line for another 1.5 hours, and then transferred the call back to me.

So at this point, I have had a live call that has been bounced over two continents, and in house over three extensions – this is at the 4-Hour point in the call.

The tech from M$FT then says that he needs a disk placed in the server – I place him on hold and call my contact, who is not there, so I transfer the call to my cel phone, and jump in the car and drive 15 minutes to the customer site. Stick the disk in, and resume troubleshooting on site and on the Cel, which has the call bridged through our Trixbox and out to my cel phone.

Two hours and 48 minutes later, and the M$FT guy is still not done, and my cell phone is going dead. Remote over to my desk at the office, call one of the people at my office and tell them I am giving them the call back, and to transfer it to a desk phone back where I am. I then bring up Flash Operator Panel, and put the call on his desk.

He then does a screened transfer to me, hits the receptionist at the school I am working at, asks for the server room, and when the phone rings and I answer, releases the call back to me!!!

Now, I am back talking to the M$FT guy, with no interruption WHATSOEVER and the call goes on for another 2 hours and 20 minutes!!!! He finally finishes what he was doing, and I sat back and looked at the statistics for the call:

9 Hours, 10 Minutes and 56 Seconds (I looked in the Log)
Three Locations and Two Continents (On the M$FT side)
Three internal Transfers, Two Offsite Transfers, and one Flash Operator Panel Call retrieval from an offsite location!!!!!!

And at no point did the call quality suffer – and all of this on a standard production Trixbox system!

Name me a system you could have done this on this easily!!!!


Source: Trixbox Forums (GSnover)

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