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Its been a while since I blogged as I have been spending a lot of time looking for an angle to take advantage of the current economic crisis. There is little doubt in my mind that this is a prime time to do something so I have been working on generating passive income targeting small businesses on reducing their operating costs and product development which I hope to have something solid within the next four weeks.

I really shouldn’t feed my ego this way, but I can’t avoid to mention that a specific post on the Conficker virus has brought my stats to over 100 visitors on a consistent daily basis to my blog.

With this in mind I intend to continue to blog about security as well as some demo/reviews I will be doing over the next following weeks on several products that I believe are industry leaders. Among these products are SSL VPN appliance from Juniper and its open source counterpart, Tipping Point Intrusion Presention System (IPS) and its open source counterpart, F5 Networks Link Controller & Local/Global Traffic Manager and Riverbed’s Stealhead Appliance for Application Acceleration and WAN Optimization.

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