Asterisk @Home – Upgrade

I spent all day trying to figure out why the NAT on the WRT54G was not letting the call through. I put a sniffer to look at the packets, shutdown ZoneAlarm, opened ports on the linksys and nothing. I finally decided to test my FWD account and everything worked.


Time 612
Echo test 613
Coffee Lounge 514
Talk with someone 55555

Finally figured out about a setting in the sip.conf file that was set to nat=never.

Changes made:
Ports allowed or forwarded on the WRT54G
5060 UDP
8000 & 8001 UDP (for one call)
If you want to make more than one call, then you need to open a couple of ports for each call.
i.e: 8000-8007 udp would support 4 calls.

I set-up an iax trunk to FWD, but its not working

I looked at sourceforge and its now version 1.0 is up which allows for h323 trunks, so I’ll upgrade and try the IAX trunk again. This should make things easier in connecting that avaya ip412.

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